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Quick Review | NARS NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette

NARS eyeshadows have always been so beautiful to me. Every time I looked and swatched at Sephora I felt like I was going to lose myself in a world of ecstasy! The pigmentation and color range is just unbeatable! Unfortunately, the singles are VERY pricey, nearly $30 a pop! *sigh* A girl could only dream.

When I saw a whole palette full of them in TJMAXX I KNEW I needed to get it! It was meant to be! Sadly, the $50 price tag was WAY out of my league at the time! Even though it was $30 off the original price, that wasn’t much help for someone that didn’t have $50 for eye shadow anyway.

You can imagine how disappointed I was. 

I researched online for it and learned that it was a limited edition palette that released in 2014. Even though that’s a while back, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a gorgeous palette, so it’s not like I still didn’t want it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere else! *cue devestation and sad violin music*

However, I guess it was destiny, because a while later (and after I started making my own money again and wouldn’t have to ask my mom) I saw it for sale online! It was marked down even more than I saw at the store! It was 100% authentic because they showed proof of purchase and live swatches! 

You’ve really got to be careful buying some things on third party selling sites like eBay or Poshmark: scammers love to lurk around those parts! 

The seller didn’t want it anymore because she was allergic to them. I was so excited I was going to get eight GORGEOUS NARS eyeshadows for practically a bargain! I was elated I actually got my hands on the beauty! 

Here he is!


I mean COME ON!! 😍😍😍

Even on my fingers they were stunning! But of course you never know until you try them on the skin. I think this photo says it all.

I’m still playing around with it and trying new combinations with other palette colors since there are no matte shades in this. The wear time is definitely impressive, phenomanel to be honest! I haven’t tried them wet yet so I can’t imagine how stunning they’ll look then! 

I plan on sharing some looks from this palette in the future in mini tutorials. Make sure to follow my Instagram (@hellohaneef) to see the sneak peeks there first! 

It’s funny: when I first started out I wasn’t much into shadows. Now I love playing with them and creating looks. I’m not an eye shadow palette junkie or anything though. Ima lipstick junkie!

What are your thoughts on the look of this palette? Isn’t it a stunner? 😍 

Do you enjoy NARS shadows?

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Current Fashion Trends Actually Worth The Hype

My interest in fashion automatically makes me inclined to know about and keep up with the latest trends and what’s hot right now. However, some of us truly don’t follow these trends religiously, or feel the need to incorporate every single new fashion trend into our wardrobe. Honestly, to emulate your favorite fashion blogger or editor or celebrity down to a T is quite tacky. Sorry, it’s true.

I’ve never been a person interested in doing things just because “everybody’s doing it” even as a child. While I firmly believe fashion is all about self-expression and wearing as you please, I don’t believe in hopping on a bandwagon that I’m not 100% invested in, or for the simple fact of trying to “keep up” or “be cool”. Who wrote it down that looking just like everybody else was “cool” anyway?

Trends can be very fun and inspirational for your personal style. That’s what fashion is all about: taking inspiration from these trends and incorporating them into your personal style and taste. It’s written no where that you have to look like the fancy fashion bloggers or only buy from high end designers, or copy all the “Instagram baddies” with hundreds of thousands of followers. To the average person, it can get quite overwhelming, not to mention expensive, to buy into all the latest fashion trends anyway.

Moral of the story is, do it because you like it, not because of the hype..

That’s why I’m ready to talk about the latest fashion trends that I actually enjoy and would consider incorporating into my style. We all know there are literally dozens out there, but these are fashion trends that fascinate me enough to want to participate myself.


Image result for velvet dress zara


Image result for velvet boots

Adidas Superstars

Image result for adidas superstars



Image result for choker

Related image                                Related image

Distressed denim


Image result for distressed black jeans


Image result for bodysuit

Related image

Those are my favorite current fashion trends! what are some of your favorites? I want to check them out!

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Five Ways to Incorporate Denim into Your Fall Wardrobe


It’s that time of year again: everyone’s clad in their favorite jeans, sweatshirts, and Chuck Taylor’s, sipping their PSLs and stepping on the crunchy autumn leaves that have decorated the sidewalks. While a  classic pair of jeans can probably never get boring, it doesn’t hurt to spice it up a bit sometimes. Denim can be styled in many different ways to fit any and every style. Here are some edgy and chic denim pieces you can add to your fall wardrobe.

For the Rebel   denim-choker

Denim Chokers

Chokers are back in style (although personally I never let them go!). What a creative way to combine our two favorite pieces in one by rocking a sweet denim choker? It adds a grunge, rock-star edge to an outfit, or you can dress it up a bit to compliment a chic and stylish ensemble such as a slip dress, bomber jacket and peep-toe booties.

Perhaps we can thank Mrs. Kim K for proving how gorgeous and chic this denim trend is?


For the Fierce: Denim Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and rompers were all the rage during the spring and summer months, and a neat denim jumper provides a smooth transition of the trend right into autumn fashion. Add a pair of camel or olive colored peep toe or exposed heel booties and you’re set from brunch to happy hour. Pair the denim choker with this outfit and you’ve got an Instagram worthy shot of an on-trend showstopper!

For the Girl on the Go: Denim Shirt Dress

denim-dress                                          denim-dress2

The shirt dress is the perfect piece for the girl on the run that wants to look fly and put together without much time or effort put in. The denim shirt dress is on-trend and stylish providing the best of both worlds: laid-back and snazzy. Dress it up in the office with your favorite boots, or dress it down with your fave sneaks. Either way, you’ll be the it-girl of the office and out on the town.

For the Bold: Denim Boots

Boots made of denim aren’t seen everywhere you go, so you’re bound to stand out from the crowd! This unorthodox way to sport jean is sure to turn heads and spark curiosity, while making you look fierce, confident, sexy, and fashionable. You don’t mind setting your own trends and making your own rules. Own it!

For the Risk-Takers: Wear a Denim Jacket as a Shirt


Wearing a jacket without a shirt underneath may sound taboo, but the purpose of fashion is to take risks! Sure, it’s supposed to be a jacket, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn as a shirt either right? Dress it with some distressed or ripped jeans for an even edgier ensemble and some Adidas Superstars or high tops, or strappy sandals. Button it up for the day time, and open it up for the club at nighttime (it gets hot in there you know.) It’s sexy and sassy, but make sure to keep it classy and keep a bra, a cute bralette, or pasties, or at least something underneath, please!

Do you see yourself wearing denim in any of these ways? Try one, try two, or try them all if you want! Remember the most important thing about fashion: stay true and do you!

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Mini ULTA Shopping Spree

The Fall season is here so y’all know EVERYBODY has got a sale of some kind going on. I don’t believe any girl can resist a sale, and ULTA recently had one; therefore I had to take advantage! I honestly never buy any makeup or beauty related products that don’t have some kind of sale or deal attached to it. 

I’ve been doing a little “treat yo’self” haul lately from different stores and brands. I may not have spent hundreds of dollars like other bloggers, but I’m very happy and excited about the things I’ve got and I’m going to be reviewing all the products soon. 

Today is especially about the package I got in the mail today from ULTA! ULTA reduced their free shipping minimum requirement and had lots of deals with their house brand of makeup. I didn’t get much but I just wanted to share what I got! 
First up is probably the one I’m most excited about: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray!

I know, I know, I am SUPER late on the All Nighter train, but I really haven’t had any money to do any makeup shopping at all for a long while, a few months actually. Also to be honest, I just can’t bring myself to spend over $30 for a setting spray no matter how long it’s going to last me. Some people claim that it costs less money to get the full size bottle (which ironically costs more money) because it’ll last you a long time, but if you don’t have it in the first place, you don’t have it. Doesn’t make sense to spend $36 on a setting spray if you don’t have the $36 to spend anyway right? 
Anyway, I decided to get the travel size bottle because I’ve become extremely fascinated with setting sprays and face mists and just skin care in general. My Loreal Infallible Makeup Extender Spray is starting to run low as well as my Mario Badescu Aloe and Rose Water Face Mist. I thought it was time to add a new spray to the bunch. Since the travel size Urban Decay All Nighter was close in price to the Loreal Infallible one, I thought it the best time to give it a try! I can’t wait to put it to the test and see if it’s worth the hype!

Next I got a contour brush from ELF. This is my very first contouring brush *gasp* and I love ELF’s brushes so much that I already have high expectations for this one. I used to think highlighting and contouring was some silly fad, but when I tried it for myself I understand the purpose for the technique. It really helps structure the face and create some dimension. Plus I have really chubby cheeks that I find so annoying and my parents find so adorable (how typical) so I like to carve them out a little bit so my cheeks look less, well, chubby. 

I got four of ULTA’s matte lip creams. It’s Fall so we all know warm mauves and dark vampy shades are in! Deep, dark, and bold shades are my favorites anyway so I’m very excited to start wearing these.

lightest to darkest: Courageous, passionate, stirring and allusive

The swatches are opaque and smooth so I’m looking forward to seeing how they wear on my lips. They don’t dry very quickly so something tells me they may not be transfer proof, which is something I check for to count a lipstick as perfect, but I don’t think it’ll bother me much. The colors are so pretty and compliment my dark skin tone very well. We’ll just see how it goes!
Lastly I wanted to mention the free samples they gave me. I received a sample of the It Cosmetics CC + Cream with SPF 50 in Medium!

Yeaaaahhhh… not my shade 😂😫

Obviously I won’t be able to put that to use! 😂 

 I also got a sample of the Murad Essential C-Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30. 

I’m very excited to try a Murad product. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the brand. 

I will be back soon with my reviews on each of these products! Until then, Aribaderchi! 👋🏾💕

Amazing Deep Conditioners For Curly Hair

Everyone with curly hair knows how especially important it is to keep it conditioned and moisturized. Curly hair is very fragile, and is much more prone to dryness, damage, and breakage caused by split ends and constant manipulation. With all those problems to combat, sometimes it can be tough to find that perfect conditioner that gets the job done and exceeds your expectations. Some conditioners just don’t seem to make much improvement in the health of your hair. Some can actually dry out your hair, the very opposite of what it’s supposed to do (how ironic)! Here are three wonderful deep conditioners that can help improve the health of your hair and bring out the best in your kinks, curls and coils!

I’ve got a gallon of this stuff, so you know it’s the real MVP!

WEN by Chaz Dean Fig Cleansing Conditioner

Although it’s advertised as a cleansing conditioner, it’s impressively multi-purpose. According to creator Chaz Dean, the WEN Cleansing Conditioner can take the place of your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and moisturizer. So not only does this product make your hair clean, but it’s gentle enough to leave on your hair as a deep conditioning treatment for up to 12 hours! When you buy the product you also receive recommendations on how much product to use according to your hair length and hair type. For example, I have medium length ethnic/African American hair, so I usually use about sixteen pumps for my entire head. It leaves the hair feeling extremely soft, tangle-free, frizz-free, light and silky. It nourishes the hair and protects it against breakage, split ends, and will preserve and even revive your hair color if you have color treated hair. It will add definition to your curls, and will also protect your hair against damage from heat styling.

A 16 oz jar of this product retails for $32. You can find it at Sephora and online retailers such as QVC usually has great specials on many different products from the WEN Hair Care line, so be on the lookout for a good deal!

It’s so nice and has a luxurious feel!

WEN by Chaz Dean Pomegranate Re-Moist Intensive Hair Mask

This is another product from Chaz Dean’s hair care line. It’s an intense deep conditioning treatment that you can leave in your hair overnight if you choose. This product is suitable for all hair types, and it leaves your curls feeling soft and bouncy and your coils springy and strong. The hair feels very moisturized and lively after using this treatment. This will also protect your color treated hair. If you have issues with really dry hair and breakage, this is a great product for you to try!

This product retails for around $30 on You can also find this product from other online retailers like Amazon, Overstock, Sephora and Ebay.


Smooth N Shine Polishing Olive and Tea Tree Reviv-Oil Nourishing Deep Recovery Conditioner

This is a very affordable and effective deep conditioner. The tea tree oil makes the scalp tingle, removing excess sebum produced without stripping the hair of all its natural oils, while the olive oil moisturizes the hair. It also has a thick, custard-like consistency and can weigh the hair down a bit. This conditioner may be better for those with thicker and fuller hair. You’re instructed to leave it on for one minute, and then rinse out thoroughly. It leaves the hair incredibly soft, fluffy, and your curls will appear much defined upon rinsing. It promises protection from dryness and breakage, deep conditioning and nourishment of the hair, and revitalization of the hair from any previous damage.

You can find a large a 13.5 oz tub in local beauty supply stores for around $6! also sells this product in full size. Oddly, places like Walmart and Amazon don’t have full sized jars of this in stock, but you can usually find trial sized packets in local stores that carry hair care products if you want to test it out first.

With regular deep conditioning treatments you should see a big improvement in the health, strength and even length of your hair in no time! Try these awesome deep conditioners yourself and share your thoughts on them with other curly haired girls. Here’s to beautiful, strong, and healthy hair!

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Best Affordable Lipsticks and Lip Glosses I’ve Ever Tried (So Far)

You can find some of the most amazing lipsticks and lip glosses for bargain prices! Here are all of my personal favorites, and what qualities put them on the top of my list!



Once I tried one of their Intense Butter Glosses (Black Cherry Tart to be exact) I was in love! For so long I was on the hunt for a good lip-gloss that wasn’t sticky or clumpy, is pigmented, comfortable to wear, and wouldn’t do that annoying bunching thing at the corners of my mouth. That may sound like a lot to ask for, but we all have our expectations. I remember it was around the Fall where bold and vampy lip colors are trending most, although I can wear them all year long; it’s just my style. I’d never seen such highly pigmented and opaque glosses before until I looked at the NYX display in Nordstrom Rack (I’m going to rave about my love for that store in another blog post soon.)


When I tried it on I was blown away by how rich and deep the color was as well as the creamy and buttery texture of the gloss. It looked almost like a shiny lipstick. I understood why they called them “butter” glosses. At $6 a pop, I knew I had to go back for more. The regular and intense butter glosses are an absolute steal! They’re certainly worth more than their modest price tag.




If you haven’t heard of Colourpop by now, what rock do you live under?? Colourpop is sold exclusively online and has gained MILLIONS of followers and thousands of raving reviews on their affordable lip liners, liquid lipsticks, and eye shadows. Colourpop has some of the best liquid lipsticks. They can compete with high end liquid lipsticks in the department store. They have matte and satin finishes, and a wide range of colors that suit ANY skin tone. And when I mean any skin tone, I mean ANY (because we all know the darker we are we start to get pretty neglected.) They’re comfortable to wear on the lips, aren’t severely drying although I recommend lip balm when wearing liquid lipsticks anyway, and the colors are so unique and vibrant. They retail for $6 each.


Their lippie stix are amazing too! They can be used as lip liners or stand alone lip sticks and they’re $5 each. You can look all over YouTube to find active and up to date coupon codes to save even more! As if it couldn’t get any better, they have FREE SHIPPING for orders over only $30!


milani-lips-3     milani lips


Ok, can we just talk about MIlani’s packaging for a second? It’s almost impossible not to be mesmerized by that sleek gold packaging! Milani would fit right into the Sephora or department stores with their packaging alone. Now about the lipsticks: if you can’t afford MAC, this is the absolute closest you will get for formula, color payoff, variety, longevity, even the smell! I literally sniffed (don’t judge me) one of my MAC lipsticks, then a Milani lipstick, and the scent is almost identical! You can even get that dreamy vanilla scent that seemed uniqe to MAC for so long with MIlani lipsticks. Milani color statement lipsticks resemble MAC satin finish lipsticks, and the mattes from Milani are similar to MAC matte finish lipsticks as well. You can order them online from, find them in local drugstores like CVS or Walgreens (good luck with that. They typically sell out pretty quickly.)

Tip: Whenever I go to Walmart the prices on MIlani’s lipsticks are always very low. I’m talking $4-5! You better go grab you up some!



Maybelline’s lipsticks are a favorite of mine. Each Maybelline lipstick I’ve tried has never disappointed me. The colors are so beautiful and the finishes are versatile, from shiny and satin to matte. It’s easy to find these for less than $6 each at Walmart or Target, and less than $8 at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens. Beauty items are usually on sale all the time at those spots so take advantage! Join their rewards programs, ExtraCare for CVS and Balance Rewards at Walgreens to rack up on points that you can turn into spending money to use for future purchases!



What are some great affordably priced lip products do you love? Leave comments on your recommendations!

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Makeup Products with the Most Creative Packaging

Hello fellow makeup lovers! Thanks for checking out my blog!

So I know I’m not alone when I say I’m an absolute sucker for cute packaging! Walking to the beauty counter or through the beauty aisles at CVS makes me feel like a kid in the candy store, but I swear it’s always something about really attractive and creative packaging of products that reel me in every time! I’m a very artistic person, so uniqueness and creativity has always been important factors to me; and let me keep it real: I’m pretty picky with my makeup, especially when it’s high end. If I’m paying a higher price for it, it needs to excite me from all angles. Of course the overall quality and performance of the makeup itself is the selling point every time for me, but if you can create an out-of-the-park design that sets the product’s appearance apart from it’s competition, I’m definitely intrigued! So, here are some of my favorite makeup items that are so adorable and creative that I have a hard time actually using it!

theBalm’s How Bout Them Apples Cheek and Lip Palette

theBalm’s way of designing their makeup is pretty unorthodox in the first place, but this palette in particular really sticks out to me right now. In the transition of summer to fall, apples are in peak season right now. Well, they’re in season all year, but they seem to be used most coming the autumn season, perhaps due to upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Anyway, I love apples, and the concept seemed so ingenious to me simply due to it being a lip and cheek palette; hence it serves as a lip tint and blush. You apply blush on the “apples” of the cheeks right? Get it? Ha! What, was that corny? Whatever. Moving on!



toofaced bonbons

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette

Everyone in the beauty community raved about the Too Faced’s chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes. They claimed that they had vibrant candy inspired colors and an alluring chocolate aroma. I’m an absolute chocoholic, so that already had me VERY interested! However the wow factor didn’t really kick in until they came out with the Bon Bons palette. The gorgeous, vibrant colors, the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, the heart shaped eye shadow pans; God ESPECIALLY the heart shaped shadow pans! I had never seen anything like it before! It is absolutely adorable in every way! It looked as if someone put so much thought and creativity in the design and craftsmanship of the palette. In comparison to the Urban Decay Naked palette series, I felt that this line definitely trumped them in the design department. I appreciated Too Faced’s strategy in switching up the look of the newest Chocolate Bar palette this way. I wish their new Sweet Peach palette had a more impressive look though. This is one of very few eye shadow palettes that I don’t mind paying the high price tag for.

milani rose blushesmilani rose blushes 2

Milani Rose Blushes

I guess I’m a softy for hearts and flowers. I’ve always been really drawn to anything involving a heart shaped, flower shaped, or star shaped pattern/design. Milani is certainly the best in the drugstore department when it comes to stellar packaging, and the rose blushes are insanely adorable! They’ve been a hit ever since they came out due to their buttery smooth texture and color payoff. The flower pattern is so beautiful and rare, among drugstore and high end brands. In addition, the product packaging was so gorgeous and high end looking that they made spots in Internet famous glam shots right beside higher end brands like MAC, YSL, Dior, and more! Every beauty blogger posted shots of these cuties in their makeup pics all over Instagram, adding an extra dainty and girly yet sophisticated and glamorous aesthetic to the photo. Milani’s rose blushes are certainly make a statement, on your cheeks and in the container!


Milani Lipsticks

I had to give honorable mention to these lovelies, only because they look like they belong in Sephora rather than Walgreens! As I said before, Milani has every other drugstore brand beat in the packaging department. The sleek, gold look makes the lipsticks look so much more chic and high end. In my opinion, the lipsticks themselves can compare to higher end lipsticks too, due to their  variety of finishes, color payoff and performance. I dare say you can find quite a few MAC dupes within the Milani lipstick collection. If you’ve ever taken a whiff of a Milani lipstick’s aroma, you’d think it was a MAC lipstick if your eyes were closed because if it’s sweet vanilla scent. You know what I’m just gong to come out with it: If you can’t afford  MAC lipsticks, (or just don’t want to shell out almost $20 all the time)  just buy Milani! (Honestly I think MAC’s just a tad bit overrated, but that’s another conversation. 🙂

Giorgia Armani Beauty Ecstacy and Maestro Laquers

These may be a bit more plain compared to everything else I just listed, but I feel that the design of these really sets themselves apart from other department store lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. There’s just something about the sleek black design of the lacquers and  how it slowly transitions from a sleek black into the true color of the lipstick. I’m also a sucker for anything red, so the Lip Maestros stuck out to me as well. I’m a huge fan of these lip products anyway, as they apply buttery smooth, last for many hours of the day, have a gorgeous selection of colors that suit any and all skin tones, and they don’t dry my lips out. What more is there to ask for?


That wraps up the my list of the most impressive product packaging I’ve seen thus far! I’m sure as I explore more and learn of more products I’ll find more makeup  who’s design and creative display will really amaze me. Do you like the appearance of any of these items as much as I do? What are some other beauty products or brands that have amazing packaging to you? Feel free to comment! I’d love to check them out!






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Hello All!! 👋🏾

My name is Haneef! I’m 19 and I love writing and anything beauty related, such as makeup, skin care, hair care, etc. 

So after months of researching and watching others’ success with blogging, I’ve finally gotten the knowledge and the balls to start one of my own! lol 

Here I’ll be giving my best beauty advice, along with some fashion tips and trends, DIY tricks, a little health and wellness related advice, and some inspirational messages for the times life gets us down or when you’re just in need for a pick me up. 

I very much look forward to this journey, connecting with people around the world who share my interests and helping people look and feel great!

Welcome to Rose Gold Pearls!💕  Stick around a while! You’ll be glad ya did!