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A Tribute to Autumn: Why I Love the Fall Season

The fall season seems such a wonderful time of year for me, for many reasons. Summer’s blazing hot days begin to cool down, leaving us to enjoy pleasantly temperate weather and less humidity. The cool breezes brushing against my face sooth me; I’m allowed to breathe good quality air again. The heat wave that hit DC this past summer was far from bearable. For weeks we got temps in the 90s, the 100s even! If you planned on taking a hike anywhere (and by hike I mean going absolutely anywhere), you definitely weren’t going to reach your destination without even thinking about taking at least one ice cold liter of water along with you. Plus I am very sensitive to high heat, and I couldn’t go for my walks outside until much later in the evening. I prefer evening walks most of the time, however it would’ve been nice to see the sunshine before sunset once in a while.

Now with Fall approaching I can go for my daily walks outside again. I can go out and see the world and enjoy the cool air, the cool breeze brush against my skin. The earthy smell of flowers and wood seems more noticeable, maybe because the air quality is so much better. The fall leaves crunch beneath my feet, reminding me of childhood days I played in the raked leaves, amused by the sound of a good crunchy orange leaf. I feel relaxed, I feel sound, I feel motivated to enjoy life itself.

Since I work at home, I’m constantly in front of my computer: researching, writing, emailing, networking on social media, more researching, more writing, you get the cycle. There’s something about the cozy sweater weather that makes it all a bit less stressful. How peaceful it is to envision myself dressed in a pair of jeans and a comfy, fluffy sweater, sipping my fresh cup of hot chocolate and nibbling on a sweet danish in a nice cafe’ or a Starbucks, typing away on my computer without a care in the world. It’s a much better setting to get work done than a stuffy old office sometimes.



What about a nice, hot, steamy bubble bath late in the evening with my favorite brand of epsom salts, essential oils, and dim lighting. Throw in some good wine and a few rose petals if you’re extra fancy! That’s what I think of during the fall!



And can we forget all the terrific sales at our favorite online retailers that come by this time of year? Free shipping and 75% off sounds like a bargain to me! That leaves me opportunity for plenty of jeans, sweater, and boots to stock up on; who can pass that up?

fall sale 2   fall sale 1


I think the best part about Fall is that it takes us a step closer to the Holiday Season! I’m already singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

holiday season 2holiday season 3208

What’s your favorite part about Fall, or any time of the year? Let’s chat in the comments! And we can chat some more on social media:

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Twitter: @haneefiman

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